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Recognised as one of Australia’s leading and most respected immigration law specialists, every year my professional team at Sellanes Clark is proud to assist thousands of clients. Whether an individual or a large corporation our team has the ability to work with you through the extraordinarily complex Australian immigration system.

Australian visa applications can be fraught with a maze of conflicting issues. Dealings with the Department of Immigration can for many people become complicated, and highly stressful. Visa categories are constantly changing. For these reasons, the Sellanes Clark website intentionally avoids discussion of each individual visa. Our goal is to match clients’ needs with avenues which are genuinely available to them at the time of enquiry, our friendly consultants taking the time to fully discuss each clients’ specific requirements prior to recommending the most appropriate visas and strategies. We strive to remove the burdens of submission, preparation and lodgement of application, then to partner with each client in the skilful navigation of a course towards an optimum result.

All our Migration Agents at Sellanes Clark are personally authorised under the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) to provide Australian immigration advice and services. As respected migration specialists our business operates under a strict Code of Conduct, carefully administered by MARA and through this, our clients can be assured that the advice we provide is lawful, thorough and totally up-to-date, particularly in respect to current policy issues which may have impact upon their applications.

Our team at Sellanes Clark has a firm commitment to providing professional, affordable and accessible service, with products entirely relevant to each client’s individual needs. If you are seeking assistance in any area of immigration law, we are real people, each with specific expertise, ready to assist you.

We provide legal services in the areas of commercial law, estate law, family law, injury compensation law and dispute resolution and litigation. We strive to provide you with ethical, reliable and transparent legal advice and will put in 100% to reach amicable outcomes for any legal issues that you may be facing. Our trust-worthy, experienced and prompt staff will make your experience with us nothing but pleasant and making your goals a priority to provide you with the best possible solutions, advice and service.

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