Changes to the DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreements).

The South Australian government has just announced significant changes to their DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement).

The South Australian DAMA is a formal agreement between the Australian Government (as represented by the Department of Home Affairs) and the South Australian Government, Department for innovation and Skills. Presently, there are two DAMAs in place, one agreement which focuses on Adelaide’s high-tech growth industries and the other focusing on the South Australia’s regional high growth industries.

The DAMAs enable South Australian employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers for positions they are unable to fill with local workers. It enables them to sponsor skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers with more flexible requirements than are available via the standard skilled visa programs.

The recent changes to DAMA are as follows –

DAMA Occupation List
South Australia has secured a range of new occupations under the DAMAs with a focus on health care, manufacturing, high-tech sectors, agribusiness and food production. 

Concessions and PR Pathways
South Australia has secured additional English language and age concessions, which will now carry over to the permanent visa. The changes to work experience requirements for a number of occupations will make it easier for qualified international graduates to be eligible to apply.  
All DAMA occupations listed will now offer a permanent residency pathway either through the Temporary Skill Shortage visa or the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa. 

Skills Assessing Authority
The South Australian Government has been approved to act as a skills assessing authority for occupations that require a skills assessment that currently has no alternative skills assessment authority. This will allow previously ineligible occupations to now be available for skilled migration, ensuring workers filling those positions are appropriately skilled.

Updates, Information and Assistance

Immigration law is constantly evolving. In this current era it can often appear complex and confusing but friendly guidance and professional assistance is always available.

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