Fintech and the race for global talent


The Australian wealth management industry is an attractive prospect for foreign technology firms. With Australia hosting the world’s sixth-largest pool of funds under management, substantially filled by its compulsory superannuation scheme, there lies its potential for scale and cost savings through financial technology. Suffice it to say, wealth management in Australia continues to attract many international entrants.

The new breed of financial technology (or fintech) is unbundling banks all over the developed world. Startups in this space are disrupting traditional banking models, and a rush of investment into capital and talent has globally accumulated, creating innovative platforms and products, and transforming the ways we conduct business and transact finance.

The Australian government’s commitment to encouraging the growth of fintech and digital shape-shifting in financial services including a commitment to an open banking regime adds to the growth in this innovation movement, luring global tech giants into investments into Australia’s financial services sector.

As leaders in private equity funds, venture capitalists and incubators seek to grow their investments in this trending technology, executives and entrepreneurs are scouring the globe to acquire talent and capabilities that enable the actual build. Timing has never been more important, with companies everywhere with proven concepts and ready to scale, looking to acquire highly skilled tech individuals. The race is on for global talent in fintech.

So it follows that IT roles in Australian Fintech and the high salaries they’re commanding have never been more in demand. The GTI visa scheme allows for highly skilled tech individuals from overseas working in this space to apply for permanent residency. Highly sought after programmers, analysts, engineers and architects in tech can now seek global priority processing of their visa applications and work in this high growth sector, one that continues to drive change across all Australian businesses.

To check whether you qualify for GTI, please contact Sellanes Clark using this form.

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