Jobs of the future, employment in the post-COVID-19 landscape


The top fastest growing industries of 2020 in Australia are notably in manufacturing, healthcare, energy, food and fibre and innovative technology. As new technologies are introduced throughout the nation, businesses are finding new ways of working and as a result, Australian jobs are changing.

In industries such as healthcare and social assistance, professional services, education and construction, where employment has grown strongly in recent years, jobs continue to be in demand in the face of COVID-19.

Workers more than ever, are needed in the healthcare and medical sector to support the National Disability Insurance Scheme, investments in hospitals and the growing demand for aged care, childcare and homecare based services. These workers include aged and disabled carers, registered nurses, childcare and welfare support workers.

In the professional and tech services industry, career pathways for jobs in software and applications programmers, management and organisation analysts and accounts continue to be in high demand as digital acceleration dominates every sector in Australia.

Teaching professionals in the education and training industry are in demand as the number of school-aged children grows, as well as that there’s a demand for adult and community education.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the gig economy continues to grow, and this time not just for unskilled roles but now with remote working, for all types of roles including knowledge-intensive consultant level roles.

As the economy evolves in the new normal in business, so too are roles, turning hybrid; traditional roles are mixing with other multi-disciplinary skills that require a blending of logical, organised thinking to be paired with creative, artistic right-brain thinking. New hybrid titles such as forensic technologist, digital storyteller and marketing automation manager are trending.

The Global Talent Independent scheme supports highly evolved, agile and highly skilled tech individuals to work in traditional sectors throughout Australia by seeking out and occupying hybrid roles as digital technology continues to dominate and change the way we all live.

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