Venture capital funds startups, leading to knowledge spill-overs throughout the economy


Venture capital transforms industries, creating new ones and is central to building a highly-skilled, knowledge-driven economy. With 75% of Australians believing the benefits of technology outweigh the risks, venture capital provides startups with capital and expertise not available anywhere else to develop, disrupt and innovate new technology.

The Australian VC sector is currently developing rapidly, with just in 2020 the sector recorded multiple A$200M VC funds. VCs are continuing to show their own innovation as Australia moves through these unprecedented times; by supporting local and foreign entrepreneurs with the view to develop world-leading companies of the future.

It is an exciting time to be building a sustainable local VC ecosystem in Australia. Those who understand the fundamentals for building successful businesses can now truly witness their idea to go from concept to commercialisation within months with VC endorsement. Supported by a professional network of inspirational founders and bright entrepreneurs, the Australian VC ecosystem is filled with skillsets, drive and motivation that synergises to fuel the minds of those in the VC space.

Currently, across Australia in all states, VC-endorsed startups are actively government-supported and encouraged; to secure and revive economies with new businesses that use innovative technology and disruptive models. Highly skilled migrant applicants who are creative, entrepreneurial and knowledgeable in their field of expertise are increasingly innovating new concepts and challenging old ones to carve out new sectors while actively seeking VC support.

Fintech, MedTech, blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), AgTech, machine learning, computer vision and XR (extended reality) are some of the most recent technologies rising out of the venture capital space in Australia. Firms are increasingly investing in internet and software services, industrial manufacturing, biotech, space exploration and security defence sectors through VC support, their resources and network.

Business migrant applicants who have innovative, disruptive, unique business ideas that seek to be commercialised with VC funding may qualify under the VC stream (188E or 132E) in BIIP (Business Innovation and Investment Program).

To learn more about how you could approach this program, please get in touch with Sellanes Clark and Associates using this form.

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