How safe are you as an employer?


In 2020, the entire employment sector has been sent into a tailspin.  Employers have had to deal with many unexpected consequences as a result of COVID19.  So, it is safe to say that employers want to get back to looking after their core business and not spending any more time, revenue and scarce resources, on employment issues.  Not to mention that employees also want to feel safe in their jobs. 

The recent events during 2020, have put a spotlight on unattended matters, as far as employers/employee contracts, which need to be addressed.

Therefore, as we come to the end of a tumultuous year. This is the ideal time to consider these tips.

When bringing new employees onboard or promoting existing employees, you should make it a hard rule, within your business and management, to prepare and review contracts of employment to ensure that they precisely reflect  the terms which will administer an employee’s employment.

Important clauses such as notice, termination and intellectual property rights can be easily missed. This can be a serious error because, in the absence of a contract or certain clauses within a contract, a court will imply those terms. For example, “reasonable notice” may be implied into a contract that does not have a clause that provides for notice of termination – which could be above and beyond the minimum notice periods in the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

The first step you can take is to ensure that any new employees are provided with a contract and that this contract is explained to them before they execute it. If you are promoting an existing employee, make sure to provide them with a new contract according to their promotion and that this contract is properly explained and executed. Record-keeping of these contracts is just as important as drafting, explanation, and execution.

As an employer, you MUST make sure to SAFEGUARD yourself and not to leave room for ambiguity that may leave room for opportunities of legal issues to arise against you. 

Having said that, safeguarding yourself is even more important now during these uncertain times of COVID-19 and many employers taking a direct hit; contact our employment team at or call our office on +61282336191 to review your employment strategies and compliance within your business.

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