The impact of temporary skilled migration on Australia’s labour market

labour market

Australia’s labour market is most influenced by international migration among OECD nations. With over 30% of the population born overseas, Australia has the highest proportion of overseas-born residents of any country in the world. This reality also means that skilled migration is a significant part of the demographic mix.

Many businesses in both metropolitan and regional cities throughout Australia seek to employ and retain skilled individuals with strong expertise and knowledge in their field as a way of driving innovation and remaining competitive within their sector, both locally and internationally. To this end, non-permanent migration has an important impact on the Australian labour market, including Working Holiday Makers, Temporary Business Entrants (457/482), Overseas Students and New Zealand temporary migrants.

Foreign nationals have traditionally filled a significant number of essential skilled jobs; high-value professionals with higher education with specific skill sets and experience obtained internationally, which cannot be sourced locally are sought after by businesses looking to innovate and scale. These individuals flying in on temporary migration typically bring global expertise and experience in running businesses or cutting-edge processes that may not have been taken up or well developed in Australia.

The arrival of highly skilled migrants through temporary migration programs assist in replicating and implementing internationally successful, established and often world-leading processes, programs and technology and strategies across all Australian sectors both public and private.

In particular, sub-sectors involving high technology or specialised skills have a critical skills gap in Australia and businesses in this space regularly tap into the global network using the subclass 482 sponsorship program to seek to recruit persons with international experience.

The government continues to encourage this recruitment strategy to bring in global talent to advance sectors and remain competitive in the global arena.

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