Medtech and GTI visas


Medical technology or MedTech supports disease prevention, injury and other conditions through a myriad of ways; early detection tools, in vitro diagnostics, status monitoring, treatment and overall patient care.

Digital health solutions, in particular, are making waves in the Covid-19 landscape. Information and data generated by medical technologies play a vital role in improving prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of health and lifestyle. Digital health and MedTech care have the potential to innovate and improve access to actual care, quality of care, and to increase the overall efficiency of the health sector.

Regarded as an emerging, strategic health priority, more than ever, digital health continues to be a priority now in the post-Covid-19 landscape. The use of digital health technologies to make health systems and services more effective is increasingly recognised, supporting governments and communities to ensure better access to health for all.

A symposium on digital health organised by WHO (World Health Organisation) in 2019 helped to showcase how governments and organisations can use health technologies to reduce inequities and improve health and well-being. In Australia, government initiatives are in practice to support the need for a connected healthcare system, one that is accessible, progressive and secure.

Skilled individuals with expertise and experience in data and technology are helping people live healthier lives in Australia through MedTech. The GTI (Global Talent Independent) program as administered by the Department of Home Affairs is open for those with strong expert backgrounds in medical technologies and digital health to live and work in Australia in this space.

Sellanes Clark and Associates can assist in the process of applying for priority and make an application under the GTI program. For further details, get in touch with us today using this form.

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