Food, wine and agribusinesses welcome in South Australia


South Australia has a global reputation for producing some of the highest quality food and wine. Wine grapes are grown in clean soil, seafood comes from clean oceans, and agricultural produce is cultivated in a pristine farming environment.

Local and international consumers are increasingly placing greater value on high-quality food and wine. Demand for South Australian products is growing exponentially across the globe due to the high-quality safety and production standards. South Australia has an outstanding reputation for protecting the environment and industries from pests and diseases. It is the only mainland Australian state that is fruit-fly free, and one of the few places in the world free of the vine-destroying pest phylloxera.

Protecting South Australia’s clean air, soil, water and their ecosystems have been a state priority, with emphasis placed on its importance for the prosperity of the state’s food and wine sectors. The South Australian government has systems backed by legislation to support the state’s primary production and clean landscapes, including:

  • well-established natural resources management;
  • environmental protection frameworks; and
  • impeccable food safety and quality assurance standards.

The South Australian government has actively engaged with the food, wine and agribusinesses sector to understand what they need in order to grow as they develop specific strategies. The food, wine and agribusinesses sector strategy is owned and endorsed by industry. The industry-led plan was launched in October 2020, setting a clear roadmap to grow the industry to A$23 billion by 2030.

Some of the key initiatives found in the sector strategy include seeking future opportunities for growth and innovation as well as demonstrating the importance of food, wine and agribusinesses and its significance as a major export sector.

Opportunities are abundant in this space for foreign investors and entrepreneurs looking to export South Australian produce, and create new businesses. It is expected that all businesses in this space aligning with state target initiatives will receive active support from the state government as the food, wine and agribusinesses continue to be South Australia’s largest export sector.

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