Christmas : A time of joy for all children….but not always.

They say Christmas brings families together but it is a harsh reality that some families are spending their first Christmas in a different arrangement due to a divorce. Even though both parents may want to spend Christmas with their children make sure not to be hasty and ignore the arrangements already been put in place by the Court. Here are a few scenarios you may see yourself in and what steps you should take:

  1. Already a Family Court Order or Parenting Plan in place regarding Christmas? If this is the case – you must stick to these terms however if there are any issues about the plan or order you must seek legal advice before acting and risking breaching any orders in place
  2. No Order or Agreement in place regarding Christmas? The first option would be to reach a mutual agreement with the other parent and if this is not possible unfortunately now would be too late to engage in Community based Family Dispute Resolution but contact us to get you in touch with Private FDR providers who could most possibly get the work done before Christmas!

At the end of the day we would recommend you contact us if you still are unsure to make sure you don’t miss out on any vital steps or overstep and barriers in place because above everything we would want the children to have a very Merry Christmas and not be caught up in conflict during such a joyous time.

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