Agritourism: regional economic recovery plan

Agritourism or agrotourism involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. In Australia, it has traditionally thought of as being farm stays and winery visits, but now the term agritourism encompasses a wide variety of activities where agriculture and tourism intersect. Essentially, agritourism is the act of going to a region to visit a farm or food-related business (including restaurants, markets/events, produce outlets and natural attractions) for enjoyment, education, or to participate in activities and events.

With Covid restrictions on international travel and border restrictions for the foreseeable term, regional tourism has sparked the interest of many of those wanting a holiday beyond their own home base.

The regional tourism sector is worth approximately A$9.4 million per annum and the economic benefit is particularly relevant to Australia because it occurs in regions that really need it. With GTI program adding tourism and infrastructure to the list of target sectors, the clear message is that technological advances are changing the way we travel and Australia is invested in this transition.

In this new decade, the tourism industry is expected to respond to the needs of a type of traveler more concerned with sustainability, and with more tech knowledge. Platforms and systems in this space are expected to be developed and implemented to help Australia become more easily discovered by the world. Tech solutions working as the virtual tour guide, travel agency, restaurant locator, map and more are critical to the future of this industry.

Agriculture has been highlighted as one of the key driving forces in the post-covid-19 economic recovery, with state governments allocating significant funds to the sector under job boosting plans. Paired with tourism, it is expected that this sector will continue to gain traction and tech innovation is crucial for its future-focused growth.

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