2020 – 2021 Program Update from Migration Tasmania

Following a directive from The Department of Home Affairs, relating to allocations of subclass 491, 190, 188 and 132 visa nominations, the Tasmanian government, through Migration Tasmania, has confirmed that until the Federal Budget is handed down in October 2020, all new and existing nominations will be subjected to the following priority considerations:

  1. High-quality subclass 188 and 132 (Business Innovation and Investment Program) nomination applications.
  2. Applicants critical to supporting Tasmania’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including individuals providing critical or specialist medical services, critical skills required to maintain the supply of essential goods and services, or delivering services in sectors crucial to Australia’s economic recovery.
  3. Applicants currently in Australia who can demonstrate their capacity to meaningfully contribute to economic recovery.

How will this affect new and existing applicants?

All new and existing applicants will be considered, subject to the above priorities. Those who fill critical roles will clearly be nominated first, with non-critical applicants considered only after priorities have been processed. This may not occur until October and delays could be longer.

Migration Tasmania will email all current applicants with an offer for them to select one of the following options:

  1. Request priority consideration on the basis that they are engaged in a critical role, supporting the health system or the Tasmanian economy.
  2. Withdraw their application for nomination and receive a full refund of the application fee.
  3. Continue with their application in respect of a requirement to demonstrate that their nomination will lead to a genuine ongoing and meaningful contribution to Tasmania’s economic recovery.

Applications under options 1 and 3 will remain open and therefore, will not be subject to application fee refunds, regardless of the ultimate outcomes.

It has been made very clear that applicants who are not employed in critical roles will not be nominated unless they can strongly demonstrate that their nomination will provide a genuine benefit towards economic recovery in Tasmania.

In regards to outcomes, no guaranteed timeframes have been provided. Migration Tasmania will competitively assess all existing applications in strict accordance with priorities established by Department of Home Affairs but with the very limited number of places available, nominations cannot be guaranteed.

Clearly, those in critical roles or those who are able to provide the most compelling claims will be receiving early support and given the current global pandemic, this prioritisation is understandable.

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