BREAKING NEWS! NSW 491 Nominations set to open!

Breaking News – NSW 491 Nominations set to open

Finally, the news that so many potential applicants have been anxiously anticipating, New South Wales Treasury have just confirmed that it will open a window for acceptance of NSW applications under Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa, subclass 491.

Eight-day window of opportunity

Acceptance of applications for state nomination will commence on Monday June 15th and will close at 5pm on Tuesday June 30th. No late applications will be considered.

Strict conditions will apply and non-compliant applications will not be accepted. In fact, NSW Treasury has strongly urged that those who cannot comply with stipulated requirements should refrain from lodging applications, as they will most certainly be declined. The NSW application fee is non-refundable therefore non-compliant applicants will simply lose their money.

Strict requirements for NSW applications

Applications must meet all requirements, as stipulated by Department of Home Affairs for the 491 visa and in addition;

  1. Have an occupation on the NSW Stream 1 Regional Skilled Occupation List, and
  2. Have been living in a designated regional area in NSW for at least the last 12 months, and
  3. Have been working in a designated regional area in NSW for at least the last 12 months, and
  4. Have been working in applicant’s nominated occupation, or a closely related occupation, for at least the last 12 months.

Unless a potential applicant can fully meet all of these requirements, he or she will be unable to apply for NSW nomination.

Obviously, this means that potential applicants who are offshore will be ineligible to apply.

Short time frame for preparation

With this short window of opportunity quite suddenly becoming available, time is of the essence. Applications must be fully compliant, with information detailed and complete.

Should assistance be required, the skilled team at Sellanes Clark have been made aware of the urgency and our professional consultants are ready to help.

Our team is your team

Immigration law is a complex area; one which is constantly developing and evolving. We make it our business to stay in the forefront of this evolution, armed with knowledge, skills and optimism; fully appreciating today’s unique environment and ready to provide clients with the genuine assistance they deserve.

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