Breaking news! Queensland is open for nominations!

The anticipated wait is over. The Sunshine State has opened its nominations and the rush will be on!

After what seemed to be an endless delay of over 3 months, the State of Queensland today announced that they have opened their nomination program for 2021-22.

Migration Queensland stated that it will only accept “decision-ready” applications for the skilled migration program. Unfortunately, the offshore applications are still currently closed but it is expected to be reviewed at the end of 2021. This comes as little consolation for all those eager candidates waiting for their opportunity to get the golden ticket into Australia.

Queensland’s announcement also said that it will only remain open until the nomination allocation is filled. This is going to seem like a bitter-sweet announcement, knowing how popular migration to Queensland is, it will not come as a surprise to see that the allocations will get filled up very quickly.

Therefore, all eligible applicants are encouraged to apply at the earliest!

Please contact our team to check your eligibility for Queensland State nomination.

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