BREAKING NEWS! Temporary Activity Visa – Subclass 408 – COVID 19 Pandemic Event Visa

Many temporary Work visa holders including those on working holidays who, due to the current COVID 19 restrictions on international travel, have found themselves unable to depart Australia prior to their existing visa expiry have been thrown a lifeline, enabling them to remain lawfully onshore until such time as said restrictions are lifted.

Subclass 408 Australian Government Endorsed Event (AGEE) Stream

Generally applicable to a selection of approved short-term employment engagements, for a required time the government has now endorsed COVID 19 as an addition stream in its list of acknowledged activities.

This will provide an opportunity for holders of expiring visas to apply for renewed authority to remain working in Australia, for the duration of the pandemic. Applicants must be currently onshore however and they must meet the following criteria:

  • Have 28 days or less remaining on their current visa or be in a position where their last substantive visa expired less than 28 days prior to application.
  • Be unable to depart Australia due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Meet health and character requirements.
  • Have appropriate health insurance and sufficient funds to support self and any dependants.
  • Be a genuine temporary entrant.
  • Be directly related to the workforce assisting in critical sectors including healthcare, disability and aged care, childcare or agricultural work during the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Be unable to meet the requirements for a visa of the same Subclass as the one which they currently hold, or recently held or for any other Subclass other than Subclass 408.

Family members may be included in this application and the visa carries no fee.

Endorsement/Sponsorship is not required

No written endorsements are necessary for the COVID 19 Pandemic Event visa, it is a stream created to meet today’s urgent needs.

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