Changes to Citizenship Test from November 15th 2020

Prior to being accepted as an Australian Citizen most applicants, who were between the ages of 18 and 59 years at the time of application, are required to pass a Citizenship Test.

An appointment for this test will be offered following an initial interview. It is a test designed to show that applicants have


  • A basic knowledge of the English language
  • An understanding of what it means to become an Australian citizen
  • An adequate knowledge of Australia and of the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship

Introduction of changes from November 15th

Currently and up until November 14th, in order to gain a pass, applicants who sit the test require an overall mark of at least 75 percent.

From November 15th however, in addition to the introduction of revised questions, Department of Home Affairs has raised its acceptance criteria in relation to what constitutes a pass; the test covers a number of sections, one of which provides five questions on “Australian values”. The 75 percent pass benchmark remains but from November 15th, all five of the “Australian values” questions will need to be answered correctly.

Preparing for the test

The Citizenship test is an essential part of the application process and must be taken as a serious commitment.

The Australian Government has provided ample resources, aimed at assisting applicants and these include:


  • Online literature – “Australian Citizenship – Our Common Bond”
  • “Our Common Bond” podcast
  • An online Australian citizenship practice test

It’s simply a part of the process for a wonderful future as an Australian. There is no cost for the test; everything is covered under the initial application fee.

No need to feel daunted

Immigration law may be complex but friendly guidance and professional assistance is always available.

For more information on this or on any relating issues, contact the migration experts – Sellanes Clark and Associates – specialising in all immigration matters.


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