IMMIGRATION NEWS – South Australia’s General Skilled and Business Migration Program

Limited number of Interim Allocation Places made available

In a statement recently released on its website, Immigration SA has provided the following advice:

“Given the limited number of available nominations, South Australia’s program requirements and application processes for the General Skilled and Business programs are currently being finalised, with a view to applications being open in late August 2020.”

It further advises that interim allocation places for 2020/21 will be prioritised to support the state’s economic and public health recovery, with full nomination allocations to be determined later in the current year, as part of the 2020/21 process.

How will this prioritisation work?

Based upon direction from the Department of Home Affairs, applications will be prioritised according to:

  1. High quality applications within the Business Innovation and Investment Program with parties who have already lodged an ‘Intention to Apply’ given priority consideration.
  2. Applicants deemed critical to supporting South Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including individuals providing essential or specialist medical services, vital skills necessary to maintain the supply of essential goods and services, or delivery services in sectors crucial to Australia’s economic recovery.
  3. Onshore applicants who meet the above criteria will receive early consideration.

What will be the likely position in other states?

To date, only South Australia has revealed its current position regarding the General Skilled and Business Migration Program but it is widely anticipated that other states will adopt similar guidelines.

In the year 2019/20, impacted by the global pandemic, Australia recorded a significant decrease in the number of invites issued for Skilled Independent visas. Hopefully however, this will evolve as an understandable short term consequence, with skill levels needing to be balanced once again, in the years to come.

News as it happens

Immigration law is a complex area; one which is constantly developing and evolving. We make it our business to stay in the forefront of all developments, armed with knowledge, skills and optimism, fully appreciating unique, personal and international circumstances; always ready to provide clients with the genuine assistance they deserve.

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