LATEST UPDATE – ACS Migration Guidelines and Processes Announced

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At a lunch time webinar session moderated by Siobhan Casey from ACS (Australian Computer Society), attendees we briefed on upcoming changes due to come into effect from 1 December 2021. In brief these were some of the main takeaways to be considered when making applications to ACS:

  1. IDENTIFICATION – there will be a requirement to provide three (3) forms of ID with your application. It is important that at least one of the IDs should have a photograph;
  2. EVIDENCE OF EMPLOYMENT – one of the major or significant changes to evidence of employment requirements was that instead of producing two (2) forms of payment for each year of employment, applicants will now only be required to provide evidence of payment (two forms) at the beginning and at the end of applicants employment period with that employer;
  3. VENDOR CERTIFICATION – Vendor certification will no longer be accepted as a form of substitute to formal qualifications.

The ACS officials also said that due to the fast changes in the ICT industry, new IT occupations would be added to the ANZSCO around the end of November 2021. However, ACS were not able to commit to a specific time frame as to when DOHA would introduce them into the Skilled Occupation Lists. Further information on this topic will be made available, as soon as it comes to hand.

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