State Nomination Updates 31st March 2020

Following some months of speculation and varying advice regarding eligibility criteria requirements from state to state, recent releases by some states have finally confirmed their current positions.

Eligibility requirements are stringently investigated therefore compliance is essential prior to lodging any Expressions of Interest (EOI) with SkillSelect.

New South Wales

This state has now formally updated its previous advice that “those who are not residing in New South Wales would generally not be invited for the Skilled Nomination Visa (subclass 190)”, now clarifying as follows:

“Due to the increased popularity of NSW as a skilled migration destination, NSW will no longer invite candidates, who reside in another Australian state or territory, to apply for NSW nomination for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190).”

For occupations with the additional requirement, applicants must

  • Be residing in NSW for at least the last six months and;
  • Have been employed in NSW for at least one year, in the nominated occupation.

For occupations which do not have the additional requirement, applicants must

  • Be residing in NSW or offshore for at least the last six months, or;
  • Be residing and employed in NSW or offshore for at least the last one month.

New South Wales do however reserve the right to vary this approach, depending upon the size and the composition of the candidate pool, as lodged via EOI with SkillSelect.


Due to the current COVID 19 situation, the state of Tasmania has released notice of necessary adjustments to processing of State Nominated subclass 491 visas.

From March 20th 2020, Tasmania restricted processing of all new applications; the sole exception being those occupations listed in the “High Demand” section of the Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List (TSOL). Applications under Category 3A lodged prior to March 20th will still be processed, however due to emergency prioritisation delays of up to six months from date of lodgement may be anticipated.

Unless listed as “High Demand”, any Category 3A applications received after March 20th will not be assessed.


Business and Skilled Migration Queensland (BSMQ) has advised that it has now met its FY 2019-20 nomination allocations for subclass 190 and all business visas (subclass 188 and 132).

A new quota will be issued in July 2020, requiring new Expressions of Interest (EOI) at that time.

Due to the COVID 19 situation and the resulting closure of Queensland’s borders on March 25th, BSMQ has temporarily discontinued offshore processing for subclass 491 visas. Resumption will be announced via social media and website notices, once the current restrictions have been lifted.

BSMQ remains open to nominations for onshore subclass 491 applicants who continue to meet the state’s criteria.

Northern Territory

For similar reasons, on March 24th Migration NT ceased accepting offshore applications for Northern Territory nomination.

Existing applications will still be processed and future changes will be appropriately announced.
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