Summary of Recent Updates in Migration


As mentioned in our last update, the standard citizenship by conferral application fees have been increased by a whopping 70% to $490, following which, visa application fees also increased. The increase in the application fees for visas have not been very high – for example, the fees for the 189 (Skilled Independent visa) and the 190 (Skilled Nominated) visa increased from $4045 to $4115. Similarly, the visa application fee for the popular 482 (Temporary Skills Shortage) visa in the Medium stream increased from $2645 to $2690 and in the Short stream from $1265 to $1290.

For more information on the fee increases, please check this website

Updated PMSOL

The Priority Skilled Migration Occupation List has also been increased to 41 occupations- up from 17 when they first started in September 2020. Notable additions to this list include Accountants, Internal Auditors, External Auditors, Management Accountants, Taxation Accountants and Chefs. This bodes well for Accountants who have been somewhat under a cloud in recent years. The list is set to expand in the coming months, so watch this space!

Migration Program Planning Levels for 2021-22

Places for the 2021-22 Migration Program will remain at 160,000 of which Skilled stream has been allocated 79,600 places. The Family Stream has been allocated 77,300 places, the Child Stream 3000 places and 100 places for visa for those in special circumstances ( Special eligibility). The breakup of these allocations are as below: ( Source:

State Nomination allocations for 2021-2022 are as follows:

It is worth noting that although NSW has the maximum allocations under all categories, the competition is also more intense in NSW due to the high numbers of applicants from NSW. Future applicants who do not have high points would do well to look to regional areas such as South Australia and Tasmania.

State Nominations:

Some state nomination programs remain closed such as NSW, Queensland and Tasmania. Victoria and WA have published their new requirements for the 2021-22 Skilled Migration Programs. South Australia will start its GSM and BIIP Programs in the week commencing 19th July. The Northern Territory GSM Program remains open for new onshore applications without any change form the previous years’ requirements, so far.

As States open their nomination programs for 2021-22, we will put together details of their programs, so watch this space…

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