Tasmania Overseas Applicant Job Offer Pathway Update

Tasmania Overseas Applicant Job Offer Pathway Update

Health or allied health occupations can apply for Sub-190

Applicants who have a health or allied health skills-assessment and a directly related job offer with a Tasmanian-based business are eligible for permanent subclass 190 nomination. Occupations include those in the following four-digit ANZSCO groups:

2511 Nutrition Professionals

2512 Medical Imaging Professionals

2514 Optometrists and Orthoptists

2515 Pharmacists

2519 Other Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals

2521 Chiropractors and Osteopaths

2523 Dental Practitioners

2524 Occupational Therapists

2525 Physiotherapists

2526 Podiatrists

2527 Audiologists and Speech Pathologists \ Therapists

2531 General Practitioners and Resident Medical Officers

2532 Anaesthetists

2533 Specialist Physicians

2534 Psychiatrists

2535 Surgeons

2539 Other Medical Practitioners

2541 Midwives

2542 Nurse Educators and Researchers

2543 Nurse Managers

2544 Registered Nurses

2723 Psychologists

2725 Social Workers

3112 Medical Technicians

Source: https://www.migration.tas.gov.au/skilled_migration/subclass_491/nomination_pathways/overseas_applicant_job_offer_pathway

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