Upcoming changes

Upcoming changes


Some exciting news are coming this way for young people from India and the United Kingdom.


Two Trade Agreements were passed by the Senate this week, the India-Australia and United Kingdom-Australia Trade agreements.


The India-Australia Trade Agreement will result in 1000 Indian nationals getting Working Holiday Visas. For UK nationals, the United Kingdom-Australia Trade Agreement means that the eligible age for UK nationals for WHV’s would be 35 years and better still for the, the regional work component would be removed.


What this will also mean is that there could be exemptions to labour market testing for Indian and UK nationals, which will make it easier for Australian employers to hire Indian and UK nationals.


However, it’s still a bit too early to celebrate, as India and the United Kingdom would need to ratify the agreements for them to become operational. 


Watch this space for notification of the commencement of the agreements!


A new version of the ANZSCO was also released this week. ANZSCO 2022. Some new occupations have been added such as Data Scientist,( ANSZCO 224415), Data Analyst ( 224114), Supply Chain Analyst (224714) and Regulatory Affairs Manager (139917). For more information, please see the website below.



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