Update on NT GSM nomination applications for 2022-23

Update on NT GSM nomination applications for 2022-23

Offshore applications remain closed

The Northern Territory (NT) has now received an interim allocation of nominations under the general skilled migration program.

MigrationNT continues to receive and assess onshore nomination applications under the existing eligibility criteria. You must ensure that you meet both the NT nomination criteria and the standard Home Affairs criteria at the time of lodging your nomination application and throughout your application process. It is your responsibility to ensure that all documents including English test results, skills assessments, etc. remain valid.

You should lodge your application as soon as possible after meeting the eligibility criteria. You may not be assessed prior to visa expiry dates. If your visa is expiring you should seek professional advice on your visa options and ensure that you remain lawful during your stay in Australia.

Offshore applications remain closed. A date for the reopening of this program and eligibility criteria will be announced in the near future.


Source: https://theterritory.com.au/migrate/migrate-to-work 

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