Victoria’s Skilled Nomination Program Opens September 8th 2020

Recently announced by the Victorian government, with detailed information available through its “Live in Melbourne” website, the state will be opening its 2020/21 Victorian Skilled Visa program (subclasses 190 and 491) from Tuesday 8th September, 2020.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has however necessitated some changes to acceptance criteria, which will now be focused upon occupations likely to support Victoria’s health and economic recovery and with the very limited number of state visa nomination places currently on offer from Department of Home Affairs, time and relativity are of the essence.

When will additional places become available?

Sadly COVID-19 is difficult to predict, but the position will receive further review when the Federal Budget is handed down, on 6th October 2020.

Selection to apply for Victorian visa nomination

With consideration to the fact that the skilled migration program will be responding to the challenges presented by the current pandemic, parties wishing to be considered for eligibility must:

  1. Already be living in Victoria
  2. Already be working in Victoria (minimum six months employment)
  3. Be working in a highly skilled occupation in health or in medical research, which supports Victoria’s economic recovery and/or health response.

Eligible parties must register their interest on the ‘Live in Melbourne’ website then await selection prior to lodging an application for Victorian visa nomination. Simply meeting requirements will not guarantee selection, as places are limited and as a consequence, appropriate selection is crucial to the state’s objectives.

Further information

Interested parties may visit the ‘Live in Melbourne’ website for more detailed information.

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