Visa and Non-visa Updates 14-03-2020

There’s no doubt that Australia, together with the rest of the world, has asserted itself to combat the concerning spread of what has recently been declared a global pandemic. Drastic situations demand almost unprecedented precautionary measures which capture the international press and necessarily demand public attention but in the background, the world remains optimistic for an ultimate resolution, just as individuals maintain their personal goals and aspirations.

Here’s a quick update on what really has been an eventful week:

Coronavirus COVID 19

In addition to imposing travel bans on mainland China, Italy, Iran and The Republic of Korea (South Korea) Australia has now declared a “Level 3 Travel Warning,” discouraging its citizens from any and all unnecessary international travel.

The government has recently banned any public gatherings of more than 500 people. The Australian F1 Grand Prix was cancelled. The Easter Show has also been cancelled, as have a substantial number of commercial productions.

The USA has declared a “State of Emergency,” as has Spain, Denmark has closed its borders whilst Italy has welcomed medical assistance from China, as its death toll now exceeds 1200 people. The wife of the Canadian Prime Minister has recently tested positive, forcing Canada’s Prime Minister into 14 days of self-imposed isolation and its House of Commons into temporary closure.

We are living in a tenuous world; a world where old familiarities have been replaced with a new norm, but also a world which is working together like never before. It’s never wrong to plan ahead for the future because, although time will surely see an end to the threat of COVID 19, the international bonds should hold lasting benefit.

Skill Select Invitational Round – March 2020

March 12th marked the latest round of selections regarding Expressions of Interest lodged by skilled workers and business people via the Department of Home Affairs website, in the hope of receiving invitations for lodgement of visa applications.

While we are yet to receive official figures the “grapevine” tells us that many invitations were issued at 90 points.

As further information comes to hand we will provide updates. Watch this space!

Trades Recognition Australia – Changes in Process

Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) is the skills assessment authority covering a range of technical and trade occupations which provides skill assessments for tradespersons seeking to migrate to Australia.

From March 18th 2020 the following changes will be introduced by TRA; changes which will impact the processing of applications for Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) and Migration Points Advice (MPA):

  • From March 18th applications for MSA and MPA must be submitted through the TRA Online Portal which may be accessed via the TRA website . This TRA Online Portal will allow for a streamlined and more secure application process, totally eliminating the need for application documentation to be emailed to TRA. Both MSA and the MPA application guidelines will be updated to reflect the new application process.
  • Eligibility requirements remain fundamentally the same however a minor change has been introduced regarding the evidence requirements for self-employed arrangements.
  • The revised guidelines will be published and available on TRA website from March 18th, after which TRA will not be accepting applications submitted under the previous version of Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Guidelines or Migration Points Advice Applicant Guidelines.
  • MSA or MPA applications which are received by email prior to March 18th 2020 will not be affected by these changes and will be processed accordingly. Similarly, applicants with existing MSA or MPA applications currently awaiting outcomes will not be affected by the changes.

Occupations Removed from Queensland State Occupation List (QSOL)

Business and Skilled Migration Queensland (BSMQ) advised this week that “Due to a high demand and quota being met for the following occupations, these occupations have been removed from QSOL”

  Onshore – includes Queensland Postgraduate (Alumni) and Offshore

  • Marketing Specialist ANZSCO 225113


  • Finance Manager ANZSCO 132211

Applications for removed occupations should not be submitted as they will no longer be considered.


We are always here to assist

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