Visa lottery to offer 3000 Pacific workers Australian residency

Visa lottery to offer 3000 Pacific workers Australian residency.


Australia is looking to the future with a new lottery system that will bring 3000 foreign workers into the country every year. This lottery system, which adapts the “green card” system used in the United States, will give winners a pathway to citizenship.

The two-step scheme requires applicants to be aged 18-45 and pass tests for health, character and basic English skills before they can arrive. Once accepted, they must then secure a job offer in Australia before they can receive permanent residency.

The Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Pat Conroy, says this lottery system is revolutionary as it allocates part of Australia’s permanent migration allocation specifically to people from across the Pacific. He believes this will strengthen ties between Australia and its neighbours in the region by building up communities with strong connections.

This lottery system also addresses concerns about an unfair visa system that would select people on a hierarchical list of skills, leading to an exodus of people with specific skills from each country. By introducing this lottery system, Australia is taking steps towards creating a more equitable immigration process while also strengthening its ties with its neighbours in the Pacific region.

The Department Home Affairs are yet to release details around this program.  Keep checking our website for any updates or contact Sellanes Clark to register your interest and we will update you soon as any new information is available.



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