What’s New in Migration this week?

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What’s New in Migration this week?


Some recent developments have occurred which could impact visa aspirants.


One of this is regarding the popular Covid-19 Pandemic event visa- subclass 408. We have received advice that

  1. Due to labour and skills shortages, the Department is taking a relaxed approach on visa condition 8107 which imposes work limitation on 408 visa holders. Now these visa applicants and holders can change employment and work for more than one employer and better still, there is NO NEED to contact the Department to notify them of the changes to their employment!
  2. However, the Covid Pandemic event subclass 408  visa holders must continue to work while they are in Australia on their visa. If they are no longer employed, they should find new employment or make arrangements to leave Australia.

Our experience is that recent applications for 408 visas are being granted quickly and are being granted for 12 months even if the occupations are not in key sectors.


There are some changes in the area of Protection visas- the offer of temporary humanitarian visas to Ukrainian nationals and their families has expired. Ukrainian nationals now wanting to come to Australia or extend their stay in Australia would need to explore other visa options. Instead, Myanmar refugees who are already onshore on valid visas and have applied for Protection will be prioritised.


Watch this space for more updates in the coming weeks!

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