Business Lawyers

Sydney Business Lawyers

We provide legal advice on a range of business law, commercial litigation and employment law issues.

Including buying or selling a business, contracts, structures, risk management, franchising structures, franchising agreements or asset protection.

It’s our goal to grow with you and develop a mutually beneficial long-term working relationship. This will protect the longevity and success of your business.


Business lawyer services can include:

Starting up – buying a business, business structures, asset protection, insurance law, commercial leases and risk management.

Established – ownership issues, shareholder disputes, directors duties, employment law, business contracts and commercial litigation (debt recovery, etc). Maybe you encounter a legal issue or a dispute? We’re here to get things back on track.

Wrapping up – selling the business and advising on business succession and matters related to bankruptcy/insolvency (should that occur).

Not sure if you need a business lawyer?

We provide commercial legal support to large corporations, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small business operators. 

Our services help proprietors and directors through all stages of business from startup and expansion, through to merger or disposal.

Chances are you’ll need help with your business. Here is a list of common legal services we provide.

Common business law and commercial law services

  • franchising
  • shareholder agreements
  • compliance
  • commercial disputes & litigation
  • intellectual-property
  • franchising
  • taxation
  • business structuring, including companies and trusts
  • company constitutions and trust deeds
  • business succession planning
  • partnership and joint ventures
  • sales and purchases of property and businesses
  • leasing
  • financing

Every business, whether knowingly or unknowingly, deals in one or more areas of contract law. Common examples are employment contracts, leases, and contracts for the supply or sale of goods to customers and services to your business.

By failing to properly consider all the legal issues and ramifications which can arise from these contracts, you may be exposing yourself to expensive or stressful litigation from employees, suppliers, landlords, tenants or customers.

You should make an appointment with us to discuss the review of the contracts that form part of your business.

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  • Preparing tailored employment contracts;
  • advising on employee issues;
  • drafting exit agreements and deeds of release;
  • protection of intellectual property and confidential information in the employment/contractor environment;
  • advising large and small businesses in relation to employment disputes, including unfair dismissal claims and breach of contract matters;
  • attending court appearances, mediation and compulsory conferences.

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