CEO & Co-founder

MARN: 0316801

A passionate and highly-accomplished executive, with an acclaimed history spanning over forty (40) successful years in Immigration and Legal Services, Carlos Sellanes is the Chief Executive Officer and Head of Growth at Sellanes Clark and Associates law firm.

An Australian via citizenship, Carlos has himself endured the trials and tribulations of the local immigration process and while it was a very long time ago, the experience inspired him to pursue a professional career in immigration law, partly to contribute to its betterment but principally to assist others who may be seeking new ventures in Australia.

Prior to launching Sellanes Clark and Associates and providing an invaluable background into his unique understanding of today’s immigration issues, Carlos served for twenty-two (22) years with the Australian Immigration Department (DIBP); a body which was subsequently subsumed into the Department of Home Affairs.

As a founding Principal of Sellanes Clark and Associates, Carlos worked tirelessly to develop a business culture focussed upon customer support and premium-quality service, in the full understanding that these principles would continue as the key drivers for corporate growth and ongoing success.

With enthusiastic cooperation from his team of astute lawyers and skilled immigration professionals, his goal has always been to achieve clients’ objectives in the shortest possible time, whilst involving them with the minimum possible inconvenience.

A simple philosophy: “You start your journey as a client and leave as a friend.”

Carlos Sellanes: a widely experienced and knowledgeable leader; a personable, warm and trustworthy ally, and one who will always be proud to share each client’s journey.