A Must Read before Thinking About Approaching Investors

To attract funding businesses, need to be clear about why they exist. Before looking for investors, you need to ask yourself what your business does, what capital your business needs and what the business will do with it and most importantly when will investors see a gain on their investment?

Recent Developments

As Covid rages on, its effects continue to be felt in Migration related matters…


The Fair Work Commission states that in the current circumstances, most employers should assume that they can’t require their employees to be vaccinated against coronavirus.


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482 Visa Holders on STSOL Occupations, may get a third go at the 482!

We have it on good authority that given the current skills shortages in Australia (which has been heightened during COVID Pandemic, due to delays in processing of offshore 482 visa applications for those occupations not on the PMSOL), the Migration Institute of Australia is attempting to lobby DOHA for a third 482 visa for those […]

Summary of Recent Updates in Migration

As mentioned in our last update, the standard citizenship by conferral application fees have been increased by a whopping 70% to $490, following which, visa application fees also increased.