Cherie Baird

Immigration Strategist (NZ)

New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser #200900880

With existing qualifications in Management and Business, Cherie began her immigration career in corporate relocations. Relocating all types of employees from CEO’s to miners gave a comprehensive insight into the entire migration process. Finding homes and schools for migrant families inspired a passion for truly helping people to find their place in New Zealand.

Cherie became a fully licensed Immigration Advisor in 2009. Her excellent standards and systematic approach delivered consistent results, and she gained extensive internal connections working with a large number of specialised colleagues.

Shifting the focus to boutique services, Cherie now dedicates her time to delivering high contact and high-quality customer experiences specialising in readying employers to recruit offshore talent and managing the immigration requirements for their new and existing employees.

Cherie is solution focused, relatable, and highly qualified to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.