Sellanes Clark is justifiably proud of its coveted reputation for excellence and for its many positive outcomes in the field of Corporate Migration Services, assisting a vast cross-section of employers in their endeavours to source much-needed skills from various international locations.

When a business sponsors workers from overseas, it takes on certain responsibilities; both for the integrity of the original applications and for the employees’ ongoing observation of visa conditions.
Skilled visas fall into many different categories, not least of which is the wide-reaching range of Skilled Regional Visas. Processes and qualification criteria vary but the highly-professional consultants at Sellanes Clark can very swiftly identify which visa would be best suited to your business needs.

Due diligence is essential; full compliance with all laws and guidelines governing Australian immigration is imperative for employers and for potential employees alike. The visa application process can be extremely complex, often confusing but for efficient cost-effective handling with prompt and positive results, the importance of concise and accurate information cannot possibly be understated.

For assistance or advice, please call the friendly migration experts on 02 8233 6191 or email to enquiries@sellanesclark.com – Sellanes Clark and Associates – specialising in all immigration law matters.