Has your Visa been cancelled?
Has your Application been refused?

It’s not necessarily the end of everything.

A letter of visa refusal or even a notice of visa cancellation is certainly distressing but in certain instances, receipt of these notices may not signify an immediate need to start packing.

Avenues are provided for early reviews of such decisions and at Sellanes Clark, we are well positioned to help. Whether your matter needs to go to the AAT or be represented at the Federal Circuit Court, we can assemble your documentation, complete your application and attend to filing. We can assist you throughout the process and then represent you at the hearing.

Our experienced Solicitor, Natasha Kumar, specialises in AAT and Federal Circuit Court matters, providing professional advice, hope and assistance to guide you through troubling times.

Why not contact Natasha today on Natasha@sellanesclark.com ?

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