Senior Immigration Advisor

MARN: 1280353

Hugh Wyndham commenced as a Registered Agent in October 2012, after he had spent almost 8 years as a reviewer with the Refugee Review Tribunal, Migration Review Tribunal and the Independent Protection Assessment Office.

A graduate of Sydney, Oxford and the Australian National Universities, Hugh had a distinguished career in the Australian diplomatic service in Africa, Europe and North and South America, lastly as Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

In the course of his career, Hugh was for a time head of the Branch in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade dealing with immigration and asylum matters and represented the Department on the interdepartmental Committee for the Determination of Refugee Status.

After leaving the diplomatic service, Hugh remained in Argentina as representative of the P&O group of companies in Latin America and the Caribbean. He was involved in the establishment of P&O companies in Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

Hugh brings years of high level and varied experience to his work. He has lived and worked in many countries. He is very familiar with migration law. He understands the cultural, social and, often, linguistic background of his clients.

Hugh speaks French, Spanish and German and has worked in Brazilian Portuguese and Swahili.